Friday, September 11, 2009

The Story of Sunkist

So, last year I did a study abroad in Tours, France {I know: I'm super lucky to be able to travel. Thanks Pappi!}. Some of my friends were doing the same program, so we decided to all go traveling together before and after the program. We went to Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and England. It was super fun and I'm really glad that I went with them. Go team M.A.M.B.A.!!! Anyways, we all met at the international airport in SLC and I noticed that they all packed very little. And then there was me with my HUGE bright orange suitcase with all my random stuff in it that I probably didn't need but brought anyways because I'm super cool like that. (Neuchatel, Switzerland--->)

(Waiting for train #1)
Anyways, I traveled all over Europe with this thing. I would carry it up stairs and downstairs, through train stations. I even used it as a table and ate on it. Also, we would play card games on this infamous piece of luggage.

(in Dresden taking a nap--->)

(waiting for the train #2)
It became just like another person on our trip. So, my friend, Meghan, christened is "Sunkist." We decided to take pictures of it all over Europe. Sometimes he would go to parties with us. We wold dress him up. Good times.

(waiting for the train #3)
I think that he missed hanging out with us terribly, but now, he is in La Suisse with me and we are having the best time of our lives. We've only been here for about a week, but we have already met so many interesting people.

(<---Meghan feeding Sunkist)

(Mac inside Sunkist)

(<---going to the beach in Hyeres, France)

(playing cards on Sunkist--->)

(<---sleeping after a beautiful day at the beach)

(Sunkist finally in SLC)

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