Thursday, December 16, 2010

if you know what's good for you

so, i'm almost done with finals (hoooooorayyyyy) but i'm still a little cranky. i'm in the library trying to write my chinese art paper and i keep getting a little distracted (thank you, lamebook). anyways, it's the winter season and people have started to wear the usual: hats, scarves, boots, coats...everything that i loooove to wear, but then i keep seeing these horrid things around campus and just everywhere in general. what you may ask?


if you know what's good for you...don't wear these in my presence. these are ugly and not cute and not fashionable. especially when you wear them with victoria secret sweats that say PINK on the butt, a ralph lauren sweater and your ugg boots. really right now? if anyone buys this for me, they are least to me. maybe it's because i'm in a slightly dazed/horrid mood or maybe because these are dirt ass ugly, but i just don't like 'em.