Tuesday, September 22, 2009

wild things on the mind.

{Picture drawn by me whilst in my french civilization class}

You know what I'm excited for? Where the Wild Things Are. I loved the book when I was younger. It's going to be such an amazing movie because Spike Jonze is the director. YAAAAAY! I saw the trailer the other day, and I just bawled. They used Arcade Fire's song Wake Up playing and it was just brilliant.
The movie comes out the 16th of October. GO AND CHECK IT OUT. It's going to be amazing. I wish I could see it with you. I don't know when it comes out in the Swiss land, and I really don't want to see it in french. No offense, but dubs are not good. But that's my opinion.

No, I'm not on a boat, but I'm by a lake

The other day in the Neuch, my friends and I decided to go down to the lake because we had the day off of school. We also wanted to go to get tanner because there is a ball coming up in October. Why waste money when you have a beautiful sun right above you waiting and anticipating for you to burn? It was super fun, and I wanted to go into the water, but no one would come with me. So, I ended up reading Harry Potter et Les Reliques de la Mort. Good times.

Monday, September 21, 2009


So, since coming here to la Suisse. I've been trying to cleanse myself of bad things. I have cut out a lot of bad stuff out of my life, and have made good habits.

Good habits:
1. I suck in my flabby belly all the time now
2. I go to dance class twice a week (I love dance so much)
3. I cook
4. ummmmm I write in my journal almost everyday

But, somehow I've incorporated a couple of habits that I am not proud of!!!!

1. I eat about 5 croissants a day with Nutella. Dudes, seriously, I might have a problem. They just look so innocent and yummy until twenty seconds later and I'm lying on the floor cursing my animal instinct to eat everything that's insight. ugh. Bad News Bears.

2. I bite my nails. I've never really had pretty fingernails anyways, but now they just look nasty. I'm really bummed, but I guess it's just another thing that I have to work on. YAAAY!

Anyways, how are you? Do you have bad habits like me, or are you just a perfect son-of-a-B? I bet you are. Have a good day/night/morning/afternoon/etc.

Here is some Lady GaGa to cheer you up. Everyone thinks she's weird and stuff, but I think she is very intelligent and plays the piano like no one else (besides Regina and Tori, but they are Godesses).

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mastication is Great

So, the place that I live at, Maison de Champreveyre, they feed us dinner Monday-Friday, and then on Saturdays and Sundays they serve brunch, so one has to cook oneself dinner on those days. I bought the cheapest pots and pans to cook for those days and I actually -gasp- bought groceries!! OMG I know. Anyways, the other night, I went down to the kitchen for dinner. As I walked in, this putrid scent wafted over me, and I puked in my mouth a little bit. Just a little bit! I wish you could have seen this "dish" of food. Just writing about makes my stomach want to hide in some other part of my body. It was this congealed french bread and disgusting cheese. I mean, I like cheese and I like bread. Hello! Grilled cheese sandwiches are the bomb, but nay. This was no grilled cheese sandwich. Hell nah. I wouldn't even give this nasty shiz to my dog if I had a dog. Anyways, I refused to eat it, and just go the soup that came with it (what a waste of money). My friends and I were so mad and hungry that we (I) decided that we (I) should cook something to eat. I got some of my food and made this delicious treat. ch-ch-check it out!

{cut up onions and garlic and cook it with oil}

{once cooked, chop up some tomatoes and throw it in the pan}

{buy some pesto sauce, they must have this in the states}

{put it in with the other goodies}

{buy some ribbon pasta and cook it}

{once cooked, mix the sauce and noodles together and voila!!! Pasta!}

All of my friends loved my concoction and I'm glad that we had a delicious and nutritious meal. I must say that I have outdone myself (my mom says this all the time) when it comes to cooking. Who knew that I could cook? God only knows. Anyways, will someone tell my brother, Douglas Martin, that I challenge him to a cooking contest? (motion: slap in the face with a leather glove) That's right. Boooooyaaah!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It was just one of those things

So, do you want to know what I did today? I went to Swiss school. What time did I wake up at? 6 O'clock in the morning. Why? because I wanted to look pretty for my first day of class. I got some brekkie for the first time at my house (I was usually asleep: they serve it at 7 in the morning. ummmm hello?). It consisted of corn flakes and chocolate powder with milk. I was so tired that I actually poured orange juice into my cereal bowl. I know a couple of people that do that, but they're lactose and tolerant. Anyways, I was exhausted and it was cold and shiz ugh. But I went to school and got my schedule which was pretty cool.

{My school schedule. Everything in pink are my classes.}

My first class was Expression Ecrite ( don't know how to put the accent on this shmeh shmeh). It was interesting and stuff...but I kind of fell asleep. IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN I PROMISE. But yeah, I did it. Who hasn't fallen asleep in a class? Come on! Then, at lunch I went to a crepe restaurant to celebrate a thing that I did yesterday (Pappi, you know what it was, and it was not an easy task). I got the most amazing crepe ever, and it didn't hurt that my waiter was super super cute. --sigh-- Anyways, in the middle of eating my delicious crepe, I looked at the clock and saw that I was 20 minutes late for my next class. OI!! Really right now? What is the matter with me. I don't even know. Luckily, my teacher didn't hate me for being en retard (late). Overall, I like my classes and I'm really stoked to start school finally. Wish me luck all y'all!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

So, I was just doing my own thing today: got up, ate some
cheese and bread, then went on facebook, ate some cheese and nutella,
and then I decided that I would give myself a little treat by watching
a movie. I haven't watched a movie since being in the states. I decided
to watch my one of my favorites: The Darjeeling Limited.
It's super good. You should check it out. In fact, check out
all of Wes Anderson movies, because they are quite awesome.
But that's my opinion.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Story of Sunkist

So, last year I did a study abroad in Tours, France {I know: I'm super lucky to be able to travel. Thanks Pappi!}. Some of my friends were doing the same program, so we decided to all go traveling together before and after the program. We went to Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and England. It was super fun and I'm really glad that I went with them. Go team M.A.M.B.A.!!! Anyways, we all met at the international airport in SLC and I noticed that they all packed very little. And then there was me with my HUGE bright orange suitcase with all my random stuff in it that I probably didn't need but brought anyways because I'm super cool like that. (Neuchatel, Switzerland--->)

(Waiting for train #1)
Anyways, I traveled all over Europe with this thing. I would carry it up stairs and downstairs, through train stations. I even used it as a table and ate on it. Also, we would play card games on this infamous piece of luggage.

(in Dresden taking a nap--->)

(waiting for the train #2)
It became just like another person on our trip. So, my friend, Meghan, christened is "Sunkist." We decided to take pictures of it all over Europe. Sometimes he would go to parties with us. We wold dress him up. Good times.

(waiting for the train #3)
I think that he missed hanging out with us terribly, but now, he is in La Suisse with me and we are having the best time of our lives. We've only been here for about a week, but we have already met so many interesting people.

(<---Meghan feeding Sunkist)

(Mac inside Sunkist)

(<---going to the beach in Hyeres, France)

(playing cards on Sunkist--->)

(<---sleeping after a beautiful day at the beach)

(Sunkist finally in SLC)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

You make me go OOOO with the things that you DOOOOO

OK, so I'm kind of obsessed with this band called Camera Obscura. The girls voice is just so pretty and awesome. I find that the band is pretty unique and their music videos are super cool. Mais, c'est mon opinion. Qu'est-ce que tu penses? They kind of sound like Belle & Sebastion, but with a girl singing and not from Scotland (or at least I'm pretty sure). Anyways, I'm in love with this song called "French Navy." It makes me want to fall in love someday. And the Music video is freakin' awesome!


{P.S. if the link doesn't work, then you should def look it up on youtube anyways}

Not So Mundane Places

The other day, some of my friends invited me to go on a hike by our dorm. I had nothing else to do so I decided to go. Was started walking up towards the mountains and stuff, then we went throught the forest and then, tout a coup, there was the huge field. I asked my friend what purpose of it was, and she told me that it was a part of a farm {ou une ferme}. It was beautiful. I love simple things like that. For instance, going hiking up in mountains and then finding a serene lake just chillin' there in the middle of the mountains. That's what I love. I just want to be a lake...or a cat, because they have the best lives. ANYWAYS, my friend was explaining to me (in french obviously) that they have their goats eat all the grass so that the field is tidy and clean. Unfortunately, there is merde everwhere. In french, "Mow the Lawn" is tondre la palouse. I guess it's supposed to be funny, but I don't get it. {Margaritte the Cow} {a beautiful field on top of a mountain}

{ou des moutons}

We saw some other animals like pigs and donkeys and such. when I was little I told my parents that we (not just me) were going to own a farm one day. I remember drawing up plans to renovate our little A-frame house in Emigration canyon, and making it into a little farm house. OMG. I was such a nerd! Or maybe I still am? HA. I don't know. I guess we are all nerdy in our own little ways...
{Pigs or how they say in french des cochons}
{Andy and me with a Donkey, or at least I think it's a donkey}
{ un âne}
Enjoy the pics! And I hope that you learned some french for today! Now, I have to go take a shower because I haven't taken one in three days. Ciao!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Beautiful City of Neuchatel

So, it's beautiful here. Apparently, it gets pretty dead looking in the winter, so I have to appreciate the beauty while it lasts. But the I've almost been here for a week and it's just awesome. People here are so nice. AND the public transportation here is pretty good. I haven't riden on a bus since Montreal, so it's pretty intense. Anyways, here are some kewl pics that I took with Mariella (my digital camera). Enjoy!!!
<--my view from a bench by the lake

Some buildings in the Neuch --->

<---Andy eating some lunch
On the way to school--->
<---the main road by the school

Feet!!!! --->

<--- a cute lil' market
I took this pic while waiting for the bus dowtown --->

Monday, September 7, 2009

On My Way to the Neuch

So, My last day in the states (for awhile). My dad took me to the airport. (My friend Caiti was supposed to come, but she couldn't get work off.) One of my bags was 54 pounds! If ones bag is over 50 pounds then one has to pay $150! OMG.
(<---Me on my airport attire: Jeans, American Apparel jacket, and silver cowboy boots)
So, I was trying to find a way to shift all of my stuff. (Pappi and me at the airport hangin' out and having senitmentals conversations --->)Most of it was liquid so it was kind of tricky, but I figured out a way! yaaaay! Man I love being cheap...anyways, usually when I fly, something always goes wrong. For instance, I did a study a
(Me and Lenny having some sentimental conversations)
abroad in Montreal the summer between my Junior and Senior year of highschool. First off, I woke up really late. I had five minutes to get everything in my car. My dad was going crazy and I was on the verge of crying because I was so stressed. And then, I don't know why, but ALL OF THE FREAKIN' HIGHWAYS WERE CLOSED. So, we had to drive on backroads and stuff. Luckily, I got to my gate ontime and I had fifteen minutes or so before my plane took off.
So, I was just sitting there and I took a little nap. My plane took off five minutes before I woke up. Apparently, they called my name about fifteen times. I WAS RIGHT THERE THE WHOLE TIME! OMG. I don't even know. Luckily I got on a different plane and stuff. I got to montreal that night, but they lost my bag. Like everyone elses bag, it was a black, rolling suitcase. It finally rolled aroung (haha) a couple of days later, but still! One of the most stressful trips I have ever been on. Good times.

Luckily, that didn't happen this time. Everything went as smooth as butter. Well, except for going through the Frankfurt airport in my silver cowboy boots. I got a lot of weird looks, but I think, unconsciously (obviously), I liked the attention. ;)