Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not So Mundane Places

The other day, some of my friends invited me to go on a hike by our dorm. I had nothing else to do so I decided to go. Was started walking up towards the mountains and stuff, then we went throught the forest and then, tout a coup, there was the huge field. I asked my friend what purpose of it was, and she told me that it was a part of a farm {ou une ferme}. It was beautiful. I love simple things like that. For instance, going hiking up in mountains and then finding a serene lake just chillin' there in the middle of the mountains. That's what I love. I just want to be a lake...or a cat, because they have the best lives. ANYWAYS, my friend was explaining to me (in french obviously) that they have their goats eat all the grass so that the field is tidy and clean. Unfortunately, there is merde everwhere. In french, "Mow the Lawn" is tondre la palouse. I guess it's supposed to be funny, but I don't get it. {Margaritte the Cow} {a beautiful field on top of a mountain}

{ou des moutons}

We saw some other animals like pigs and donkeys and such. when I was little I told my parents that we (not just me) were going to own a farm one day. I remember drawing up plans to renovate our little A-frame house in Emigration canyon, and making it into a little farm house. OMG. I was such a nerd! Or maybe I still am? HA. I don't know. I guess we are all nerdy in our own little ways...
{Pigs or how they say in french des cochons}
{Andy and me with a Donkey, or at least I think it's a donkey}
{ un âne}
Enjoy the pics! And I hope that you learned some french for today! Now, I have to go take a shower because I haven't taken one in three days. Ciao!

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