Friday, April 4, 2008

Facial Expressions are Key

So, I've been told many times that I (Abby) have many different facial expressions. It's quite weird really because I just notice it at all, but this year people have commented on it a lot and it's got my thinking: people can probably read me like a book and it's not a good thing.
Anyways, I was walking on campus the other day and I had my handy-dandy Ipod on (Julingus the II, my best friend) and I was listening to Flight of the Conchords. I was just walking, on my way to work, and just listening to their melodic tunes and their obscure word choices (like "Banter" and "sheepshit" and "eradicated") make me smile and laugh. And I noticed that when (it seemed) I was in a better mood, people would approach me more. Like this girl asked ME out of fifty people for directions to the registration building.
I don't really have a point to this blog, but whoever reads this blog (aka my sisters and Bekah) should get--I guess-- this message: use your facial/body language to get what you want out of life. Not like in a weird sensual way of getting a free pastry from the 40 year old baker, but to maybe use it as a tool to make someone feel better, or...ya, I guess getting a free fruit tart would be a pretty ideal...