Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Fun Fun!!!

The other day my some of my friends {Vivienne, Andres and Nina} and I decided to go on top of a mountain. Let me explain something, k? So, basically, the Neuch is squashed in the middle of a lake and a plethora of mountains. Basically, Neuchatel is on the side of a mountain. There, that clears is up. Anywho, There is a funicular that is really close to our apartment building, and we decided to go up and ch-check it out! It was all foggy and stuff, but it seemed like a good idea...and it was. Mom and Pappi, when you come and visit me, I'm gonna take you up here because it's awesome!!!

{The Fun Fun!!!}

{the tower that we climbed}

{the Neuch is under the brouillard*}

{the alps!!!!}

{swiss cloud}

{coca-cola ad}

{the life aquatic take one}

{the life aquatic take two}

*Brouillard= fog/cloudy

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chez Abby

So, I had a request to post pictures of where I'm living and stuff awhile back. I've been meaning to do it, but I've been super busy with almost being deported and stuff. But I'm staying! YAAAY! Here are some pictures of my room. It's ok, right?

{my bed}

{my desk and stuff}

{I have orange curtains, so when the sun comes through, my whole room turns orange}

{my desk}

{my collage of ads, pictures, and drawings}

{my OWN sink}

I hope that you enjoyed the digital tour of my room! It's nothing special, mais ça marche...

Chez Moi= my house. so you could say Chez Louise and that would mean Louise's house.
mais ça marche= but that works

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sushi Party = Christmas but with Rice

So, my good friends Elise and Mike invited some people over for sushi. We all got together and made some deliciousness. My friend Nicholas fried some shrimp and then we rolled some sushiness. It's no Happy Sumo, but it was good enough. I ate so freakin' much that I was pretty much bloated for the whole day after wards. I wouldn't tell you this information unless it was completely unnecessary, but it is. Go make some sushi! It's a great pass-time I'm tellin' ya!

{My first time making sushi}

{Abby Sushi: rice, salmon, cucumber, and guacamole}

{walrus sushi}

{alien sushi}

{Markus (a.k.a. Mike)}

{Nicholas being french-like}

{sushi handroll}

{...and then we had pizza. Yum!}

Monday, October 5, 2009

You Know What is Super Chouette*?

OMG I feel just like Amélie!

*Chouette means awesome in french. Use it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

La Fête des Vendanges

Hello Everyone! Sorry that I haven't written in awhile. I have not been feeling too well and also having been doing a lot of homework the past week. So, the other weekend, something spectacular happened. It a three day spectacle called La Fête des Vendanges. It was awesome! Basically, it's a celebration of the wine harvest, but, funny enough, I only saw maybe a handful of people actually drinking wine. It was super fun though: there was tons of different kinds of food, clothing/accessory shops everywhere, and a different genre of music playing on every corner of downtown. It was packed as well: about 200,000 people went the first night. OMG!!! Do you want to know my favorite part of this event? The confetti. EVERYONE was covered in it. I bet if you took all the confetti and made it into a book, it would be 3,000 pages plus an extra three volumes. It was good fun, but I think I'm a little worn out from it. I didn't go to bed until three every night! Ya partay! I wish that you would have been there. Cheers!

{some fireworks}

{Matt and Me}

{Josh, Nina, and Me}

{some delicious Chinese cuisine}

{Matt and Me}

{Ben and Vivienne}

{I don't know...}

{Scottish jig anyone?}