Monday, October 12, 2009

Sushi Party = Christmas but with Rice

So, my good friends Elise and Mike invited some people over for sushi. We all got together and made some deliciousness. My friend Nicholas fried some shrimp and then we rolled some sushiness. It's no Happy Sumo, but it was good enough. I ate so freakin' much that I was pretty much bloated for the whole day after wards. I wouldn't tell you this information unless it was completely unnecessary, but it is. Go make some sushi! It's a great pass-time I'm tellin' ya!

{My first time making sushi}

{Abby Sushi: rice, salmon, cucumber, and guacamole}

{walrus sushi}

{alien sushi}

{Markus (a.k.a. Mike)}

{Nicholas being french-like}

{sushi handroll}

{...and then we had pizza. Yum!}

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