Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chez Abby

So, I had a request to post pictures of where I'm living and stuff awhile back. I've been meaning to do it, but I've been super busy with almost being deported and stuff. But I'm staying! YAAAY! Here are some pictures of my room. It's ok, right?

{my bed}

{my desk and stuff}

{I have orange curtains, so when the sun comes through, my whole room turns orange}

{my desk}

{my collage of ads, pictures, and drawings}

{my OWN sink}

I hope that you enjoyed the digital tour of my room! It's nothing special, mais ça marche...

Chez Moi= my house. so you could say Chez Louise and that would mean Louise's house.
mais ça marche= but that works


cody+sara said...

LOVE the curtains! And where's your pics of me in your collage. It's ok, I'll send you a WHOLE album.... you might be in them too.
miss you.

ps...when you get home, you may have like 500 urgent messages from yours truly. don't be a hater.


alexis said...

Love it!! and it's even clean!! love ya and miss ya more!!!