Saturday, May 2, 2009

k, so this might make you cringe....

So, last night I went of to my best bud's house, Patrick Buie. He's probably one of the 

coolest men I know of because he makes me laugh like a loon and he has great dress sense. 

ANYWAYS, enough of the compliments already! ugh. Silly me. So, something happened last 

night that was so strange and uncomfortable and exciting that happens to involve some fluids. 

Specifically mine. Take my hand and lets go....I like the night life baby....

SOOOOOOOOOOOO. I've had this certain...boil on the back of my right leg for the past 

three months. Since I'm a hypochondriac, I thought that it was some sort of cancerous thing, or 

at least a cyst. I showed this said thing to me patty pat pat and he was all like "let's try and pop 

it!" and before I could say anything, or move my leg away, he put his trombone spitter thing on 

the side of the said magical bulge on my leg. I thought nothing would happen, so I put my 

finger on the other side of it. We squeeze together in perfect harmony. Tout a coup, this white 

pasty puss shot out of the mountainous bump. We both freaked out. I was so embarrassed and 

shocked that I ran to the bathroom to finish the job....we both decided that it was a huge zit. 

It was such a fanastical experience that we both laughed and laughed after it. Let's just say 

that that moment brought me and Mr Buie closer together than we have ever have before...The