Friday, June 20, 2008

can you dig it?

I work with some very entertaining people. A few weeks ago, one of them (whom I find particularly hilarious) recommended a film to me: The Warriors.

Well, I finally got around to watching it and... wow. There are no words. Or maybe there are too many. This is why I dig it:
  • Every character looks like a model. No joke. Especially Swan, the "warlord", with his pouty face and red leather vest.
  • Gangs +Uniforms= Awesome. From the overall-wearing, rollerskatering Punks to the Baseball Furies, these gangs dress to impress. Even the Orphans match!
  • Comic Book weirdness. Every so often, a comic book image pops up with rad captions.
  • There's a chick gang(The Lizzies) that seduces our young heroes(The Warriors)!
  • The corsage.
Go get it. Now.

P.S. Can you count, suckas?!?!