Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Fun Fun!!!

The other day my some of my friends {Vivienne, Andres and Nina} and I decided to go on top of a mountain. Let me explain something, k? So, basically, the Neuch is squashed in the middle of a lake and a plethora of mountains. Basically, Neuchatel is on the side of a mountain. There, that clears is up. Anywho, There is a funicular that is really close to our apartment building, and we decided to go up and ch-check it out! It was all foggy and stuff, but it seemed like a good idea...and it was. Mom and Pappi, when you come and visit me, I'm gonna take you up here because it's awesome!!!

{The Fun Fun!!!}

{the tower that we climbed}

{the Neuch is under the brouillard*}

{the alps!!!!}

{swiss cloud}

{coca-cola ad}

{the life aquatic take one}

{the life aquatic take two}

*Brouillard= fog/cloudy

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