Sunday, November 8, 2009


I've decided that I'm going to tell you about some of my friends that I have met over here in the Neuch. Honestly, I am quite surprised that I have made so many friends here. I thought that I might meet a couple of people, but mostly just keep to myself, study, be lonely, etc. But I am very lucky to have found some quite amazing people. Ok, here it goes!

Meet Andres. He lives in the same apartment building as I do. He's super awesome. The first time that I met him, I was super intimidated, but after hanging out a couple of times, we have become the best of friends. Here are some facts:
1. He's from San Antonio, Texas
2. Every Halloween, he dresses up like a vampire. But this Halloween, I gave him the idea to be Alex from Clockwork Orange. He totally rocked it.
3. He misses 24 hour restaurants in America.
4. He loves Neuchatel because it's super pretty and he wakes up every morning to a beautiful view of the lake (I'm jealous: I wake up to the view of an another apartment building).
5. Hot Chip is a band that he could listen to over and over again and not get sick of.
6.He's an English literature major.
7. His top three favorite author's are: Faulkner, D.H. Laurence, and Jorge Louise Borges.

I'm super stoked that I met Andres. He's been a great friend and he's always up for a good time. I Heart him! :)

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alexis said...

Really... I wouldn't expect anything less... LITTLE MISS POP-U- LARRRR!!