Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I went to Schaffhausen last weekend with my friend Nina. She's from there originally and she speaks Swiss-German. It's so bizarre to me because she speaks like an American. I remember meeting her for the first time in class and thinking that she was from California or somewhere in the west because of her accent, but alas, she's cooler than a Californian: she's Swiss. ANYWAYS, we stayed at her grandpa's house which was super cool. He has this cat named Aristotle (a Greek lady gave him the cat), and Ari slept on my bed EVERY NIGHT. I miss having a pet. Pappi, can we get a cat when I come back home? Think about it, ok? Cool. It's beautiful in the Schaff. It feels like a very old swiss city. Oh wait it is! No but really, it's super cool. It has the biggest water fall in Europe. It's called the Rhine Falls, and it was beautiful. No Niagra of course, but it was still freakin' cool. I now wish I knew Swiss-German instead of french. Sad Face. Overall, the Schaff is definitely my new vacay spot whilst I'm in the Swiss-land. Cheers!

{notice the Swiss kid}

{beautiful Nina}

{I thought Deer were extinct in Europe?!}

{Rhine Fall}


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sara elizabeth said...

love it! keep the posts coming. I ALMOST feel like I'm there. ;)