Sunday, October 4, 2009

La Fête des Vendanges

Hello Everyone! Sorry that I haven't written in awhile. I have not been feeling too well and also having been doing a lot of homework the past week. So, the other weekend, something spectacular happened. It a three day spectacle called La Fête des Vendanges. It was awesome! Basically, it's a celebration of the wine harvest, but, funny enough, I only saw maybe a handful of people actually drinking wine. It was super fun though: there was tons of different kinds of food, clothing/accessory shops everywhere, and a different genre of music playing on every corner of downtown. It was packed as well: about 200,000 people went the first night. OMG!!! Do you want to know my favorite part of this event? The confetti. EVERYONE was covered in it. I bet if you took all the confetti and made it into a book, it would be 3,000 pages plus an extra three volumes. It was good fun, but I think I'm a little worn out from it. I didn't go to bed until three every night! Ya partay! I wish that you would have been there. Cheers!

{some fireworks}

{Matt and Me}

{Josh, Nina, and Me}

{some delicious Chinese cuisine}

{Matt and Me}

{Ben and Vivienne}

{I don't know...}

{Scottish jig anyone?}