Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Beautiful City of Neuchatel

So, it's beautiful here. Apparently, it gets pretty dead looking in the winter, so I have to appreciate the beauty while it lasts. But the I've almost been here for a week and it's just awesome. People here are so nice. AND the public transportation here is pretty good. I haven't riden on a bus since Montreal, so it's pretty intense. Anyways, here are some kewl pics that I took with Mariella (my digital camera). Enjoy!!!
<--my view from a bench by the lake

Some buildings in the Neuch --->

<---Andy eating some lunch
On the way to school--->
<---the main road by the school

Feet!!!! --->

<--- a cute lil' market
I took this pic while waiting for the bus dowtown --->


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looks gorgeous. Hope you're having fun!

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