Monday, September 7, 2009

On My Way to the Neuch

So, My last day in the states (for awhile). My dad took me to the airport. (My friend Caiti was supposed to come, but she couldn't get work off.) One of my bags was 54 pounds! If ones bag is over 50 pounds then one has to pay $150! OMG.
(<---Me on my airport attire: Jeans, American Apparel jacket, and silver cowboy boots)
So, I was trying to find a way to shift all of my stuff. (Pappi and me at the airport hangin' out and having senitmentals conversations --->)Most of it was liquid so it was kind of tricky, but I figured out a way! yaaaay! Man I love being cheap...anyways, usually when I fly, something always goes wrong. For instance, I did a study a
(Me and Lenny having some sentimental conversations)
abroad in Montreal the summer between my Junior and Senior year of highschool. First off, I woke up really late. I had five minutes to get everything in my car. My dad was going crazy and I was on the verge of crying because I was so stressed. And then, I don't know why, but ALL OF THE FREAKIN' HIGHWAYS WERE CLOSED. So, we had to drive on backroads and stuff. Luckily, I got to my gate ontime and I had fifteen minutes or so before my plane took off.
So, I was just sitting there and I took a little nap. My plane took off five minutes before I woke up. Apparently, they called my name about fifteen times. I WAS RIGHT THERE THE WHOLE TIME! OMG. I don't even know. Luckily I got on a different plane and stuff. I got to montreal that night, but they lost my bag. Like everyone elses bag, it was a black, rolling suitcase. It finally rolled aroung (haha) a couple of days later, but still! One of the most stressful trips I have ever been on. Good times.

Luckily, that didn't happen this time. Everything went as smooth as butter. Well, except for going through the Frankfurt airport in my silver cowboy boots. I got a lot of weird looks, but I think, unconsciously (obviously), I liked the attention. ;)

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cody+sara said...

I'm glad you made it ok. Can't wait to read more. xo