Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mastication is Great

So, the place that I live at, Maison de Champreveyre, they feed us dinner Monday-Friday, and then on Saturdays and Sundays they serve brunch, so one has to cook oneself dinner on those days. I bought the cheapest pots and pans to cook for those days and I actually -gasp- bought groceries!! OMG I know. Anyways, the other night, I went down to the kitchen for dinner. As I walked in, this putrid scent wafted over me, and I puked in my mouth a little bit. Just a little bit! I wish you could have seen this "dish" of food. Just writing about makes my stomach want to hide in some other part of my body. It was this congealed french bread and disgusting cheese. I mean, I like cheese and I like bread. Hello! Grilled cheese sandwiches are the bomb, but nay. This was no grilled cheese sandwich. Hell nah. I wouldn't even give this nasty shiz to my dog if I had a dog. Anyways, I refused to eat it, and just go the soup that came with it (what a waste of money). My friends and I were so mad and hungry that we (I) decided that we (I) should cook something to eat. I got some of my food and made this delicious treat. ch-ch-check it out!

{cut up onions and garlic and cook it with oil}

{once cooked, chop up some tomatoes and throw it in the pan}

{buy some pesto sauce, they must have this in the states}

{put it in with the other goodies}

{buy some ribbon pasta and cook it}

{once cooked, mix the sauce and noodles together and voila!!! Pasta!}

All of my friends loved my concoction and I'm glad that we had a delicious and nutritious meal. I must say that I have outdone myself (my mom says this all the time) when it comes to cooking. Who knew that I could cook? God only knows. Anyways, will someone tell my brother, Douglas Martin, that I challenge him to a cooking contest? (motion: slap in the face with a leather glove) That's right. Boooooyaaah!


JPH said...

Onions are disgusting... ONION BREATH! Everything else looked pretty dank, though.

China Doll said...

Jordo! Onions are the bomb!!!! AND they keep you in good health. I don't think we can be friends anymore.