Monday, September 21, 2009


So, since coming here to la Suisse. I've been trying to cleanse myself of bad things. I have cut out a lot of bad stuff out of my life, and have made good habits.

Good habits:
1. I suck in my flabby belly all the time now
2. I go to dance class twice a week (I love dance so much)
3. I cook
4. ummmmm I write in my journal almost everyday

But, somehow I've incorporated a couple of habits that I am not proud of!!!!

1. I eat about 5 croissants a day with Nutella. Dudes, seriously, I might have a problem. They just look so innocent and yummy until twenty seconds later and I'm lying on the floor cursing my animal instinct to eat everything that's insight. ugh. Bad News Bears.

2. I bite my nails. I've never really had pretty fingernails anyways, but now they just look nasty. I'm really bummed, but I guess it's just another thing that I have to work on. YAAAY!

Anyways, how are you? Do you have bad habits like me, or are you just a perfect son-of-a-B? I bet you are. Have a good day/night/morning/afternoon/etc.

Here is some Lady GaGa to cheer you up. Everyone thinks she's weird and stuff, but I think she is very intelligent and plays the piano like no one else (besides Regina and Tori, but they are Godesses).

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