Saturday, November 17, 2007

Of Montreal: the new Prince/David Bowie?

I have one word: WOW. I went and saw Of Montreal with my good friend, Matt Coleman. The concert was at "In the Venue" and I'm tellin' ya, the place has changed (and it turns into a gay club after concerts apparently; I have a good source)! We got there for the second opening band. I forgot their name, but they were awesome. Basically, they just rapped to this techno beat. They also had a stuffed animal that was a dog in a motorcycle outfit. I really have no words. It was that amazing.

I've noticed that there are three different types of people that go to concerts: 1. the person who jsut stands there looking bored and pissed off while leaning on you because they, ironically, want their space 2. get all roudy mosh-pit style...even to mellow music (aka Peter, Bjorn, and John; Of Montreal) and 3. the coolest people that dance in their own little space and closing their eyes by singing. Picture this: matt and I were surrounded by 1s and 2s and we were basically the only 3s. I was kind of miffed, but it wasn't as bad as RS where people were just RUDE. And there wasn't as many people.

OK: OF MONTREAL!!! They came onstage. Their opening song was a cover of Prince's "I Would Die For You." That's when I realized Kevin Barnes (the lead singer) is the NEW Prince. He wore this eighties style green blouse with a ruffly front (where one could see a hint of chest hair) and awesome shoulder pads. oh! and he was wearing really cool sparkly blue eye shadow. He also kept stripping onstage and apparently he went in his birthday suit at a Las Vegas concert, but he got in touble. :) Kevin also talked about how "Saturday's Warrior" is one of his favorite movies and that he bought it for a friend. For the encore, they played "Party's Carshing Us" which was AMAZING. Overall, the concert was highly pleasable. In other words, I loved it. They was so fun to watch and the music was great. I think everyone should become Of Montreal fans because they are absolutely spectacular.

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