Thursday, November 1, 2007


Okay, Halloween. Not as exciting as I remember it being back when I was a wee child:dressing up as a Disney princess and wandering from house to house asking for candy in exchange for my costuming efforts.
Anywho, I wanted to go down to Salt Lake to watch America's Next Top Model with Abbsidale but alas, my plan was foiled and I ended "dressing up"--meaning searching my closet for anything semi-costumey--as an overzealous 50's housewife. Very fitting, as Miranda and I decided we would spend our Halloween building a cake.

Lucky for us, Provo is not so lame as one might think. We are privileged enough to have not one, but two concert venues! Tonight, our venue of choice was Muse, where we saw local bands The Black Tie... something or other... and Neon Trees. Not so awesome but entertaining nonetheless. Also, we met boys who were probably in high school. How else do you explain living in Spanish Fork and digging around in your mom's make up to look dead? You don't. It means you're in high school and you're trying to pick up on college girls dressed as a housewife and a librarian.

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