Saturday, November 3, 2007

Regina Spektor 411: "the don't"s at concerts...

K, so last night I went to one of the most memorable concerts ever (at least in the top 5). I saw Regina Spektor live. You know how some musicians don't sound that good live, but they sound really good on their CD probably because they have really good producers? Well, RS is not one of them. She sounds EXACTLY the same live.
So, the last time I was at "In the Venue" was when The Strokes came last year. Back then, or at least it seems, the venue was pretty small. I mean it could fit a lot of people, but it was remotely smaller than other places I've been to. Well, this year it was HUGE, and there were about 700 hundred people. I don't know if it's just because I havn't been there for so long or was CRAZY SAUCE.
I know I'm just blabbing away but now here is the good stuff. Here are the most memorable moments of the night (the good and the bad ones):
  1. People putting up their gard: When you would try to get closer to the stage and people would literally block you from moving forward. In the olden days, concert crowds were usually like jello: they would sway and you could get to where you would want to go. But now, man, it's like a frozen custard that doesn't thaw out. (I'm sorry for making food analogies, but I'm really hungry) For example, I tried moving past this girl, and she put her back right onto me so I couldn't get through and I could see over her shoulder that she had about a good three feet of room. I'm tellin' ya SLC people are pretty rude.
  2. Oh! You know what's even ruder? People drunkingly yelling throughout the whole show. Even RS had to say "will you shut the F&@% up? I'm trying to play here!" I can't believe that happened. I'm almost embarrased to say that I live in this town sometimes...
  3. Also, when you're standing by a girl who probably heard about RS three months ago COMMENTING ABOUT EVERYTHING!!! RS would play a song and the girl would whip her head around to talk to her friend and say "Do you know this song? ...well I do" and then start singing (horribly I might add). There was one time where RS was playing "Apres Moi" and the girl adds "ya she's singing in she's singing in russian...or german. I can't tell." I don't know. I'm so lost when it comes to people's minds and their abilities...
  4. On a better note, there was one part in the show where right in the middle of singing "Better," one could hear a train rolling by. RS said she "usually hears subways rumble under her ass, but this (the train) is more classy."
  5. For her encore, she sang "fidelity" and "Hotel Song" where the opening guy (I forgot his name) beatboxed while she sang. It was soooo cool and awesome.
Overall, it was a fun night; I got to listen to some amazing and inspiring music and also rant about people who don't know when to shut up (both vocally and physically). But I'm kind of sad that she didn't play "The Consequence of SOunds." Doesn't matter. I love you REGINA!!!!

~abby martin

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Amen sister!
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