Wednesday, November 7, 2007

At least I think I know my ABC's...

well, I gues that I have to do this because my SISTER is making me...sheesh:

A- Attached or single? I'm single
B- Best Friend? There are so many I can't even begin
C- Cake or Pie? both. yellow cake, cherry pie, AND peach cobbler
D- Day of choice? Wednesday becasue that's when gossip girl AND ANTM is on! YAYA!
E- Essential item? Ipod and chapstick...I'm obsessed with both
F- Favortie color? I'm not really sure. maybe voilet and olive green?
G- Gummi bears of worms? neither, but for sure cinnamon bears. duh
H- Hometown? Salt Lake City. oh man
I- Favorite indulgence? food and facebook. and gossip
J- Janaury or july? I don't really like either, but I guess I was born in july, so july
K- Kids? no, thank goodness! I just have a lot of nephews. that's good enough
L- Life is incomplete without? loved and being loved
M- marriage date? I don't know...I was thinking 12/12/12? no, maybe to cliche?
N- Numbers of brothers and sisters? 4 bros and 4 sis'
O- Oranges or apples? oranges fo sho
P- Phobias or fears? SNAKES!!! especially on planes!
Q- Quote? You're only funny if you offend at least one person
R- Reason to smile? to know that someone is thinking about you
S- Season of choice? Fall! YUM!
U- Unknown fact about me? I'm not clever under pressure. sorry.
V- Vegetable? brussel sprouts
W- Worst habit? I annoy people really easily
X- X-ray or ultrasound? um, X-ray?
Y- Your favorite food? lemoned salmon
Z- Zodiac sign? LEO RRAAAWWRRR!


Cody & Sara said...

See? that wasn't so hard! I'm pretty sure you're the funniest person I know!
love ya!

Cody & Sara said...

ps we'll have to have a gossip girl... I secretly like it too.