Monday, December 3, 2007


I think it's funny and sad how people have used the colloquial texting in our everyday speech. For insatnce the infamous Cingular commercial with that little bratty girl saying "IDK my BFF...Jill?" So, just to be a smart-ass, I've started saying "WTF!?!?!?" I used that little explosion on a sales girl at Urban Outfitters. I don't know if she knew that I wasn't serious, but she kept laughing. She was hurling away for a good 5 minutes while ringing up a unicorn keychain and some hot-pink glasses that I was buying. I was thinking to myself "dude, either she's been smokin' too much 'urb' out of the 'Urban Outfitters' or I'm just really funny...." hmmmmmm.

anyways, that's my story. you can tell it at parties but please put "abekah" as the source; therefore, our love will spread out to many other parts of this world.

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