Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Band Alert

This past Friday, Abby and I went to fabulous concert at Kilby Court involving two great bands and more snow than I care to think about. How, you might ask yourself, did we know that going to Kilby on this particularly snowy Friday would be worth the cold and wetness of it all? Well, the answer is simple: we're hardcore. Actually, there is a bit of a history behind the madness. It all started out with googling Bjork . My brother and I found some whacked out picture from a blog and I have been obsessed ever since. It's hilarious.Anywho, this kid's blog recommended his cousin's band called Vampire Weekend. I watched the music video and decided this band was, in fact worth my time. Abby found out about them from her friend Matt Coleman who said that everyone who was anyone was listening to Vampire Weekend and that she should too.

So, We went to this sweet show and even the opening band was good. We got to meet the bands and they were good people and everything and they signed stuff for us, the whole shebang. I lost my camera, but if I had had it with me at the concert I could upload some sweet pics. Unfortunatley, it is indeed lost and this couch picture will have to suffice.

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