Wednesday, January 2, 2008

oh what a night

Happy New Year everyone!!!! Bekah and I had one surreal time during the New Years Eve. A lot of making out with cheeks that's for sure. First off, we went to Kilby Court to support some of our coolest local bands such as Patter Stats, Kid Theodre, The Future of the Ghost, and Tolchok Trio. At the Kilby, I ran around with a Martinelli's apple cider bottle and everyone that it was alchohol. This one girl also gave me the stink eye and I know for sure that it wasn't how her face normally looks. Then we went to some other parties with a lot of drunken people. One person head-chucked a window and broke it. As my frined olivia says "New Year's Eve isn't the best holiday for Mormons because they don't drink" very true. Here's some pics for you to reminice about:


Sara said...
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Sara said...

Ok, let me try that again... Lovin' the hair Abs! So cutE!