Saturday, March 6, 2010

So, A Blonde Walks into a Bar...

Hi everyone!! Well, the weekend is here, and i am stuck inside doing homework and working on my lesson for tomorrow. It's snowing like crazy outside. i'm not gonna lie, it's been so nice to be back in the Neuch. i've missed all my friends and, the weird part is, i've really missed school as well. i've been going to all my classes, doing my homework, AND even reading the seventh Harry Potter book in french on the side! Hazzah!
My friends and i went up in the mountains last weekend and it was awesome: we ate sausages and made S'mores. i really miss camping, but what i don't miss about it is the fire smoke blowing right in my face. Rude.
Anyways, i hope that you have a lovely weekend!! i'll try to write more shtuffs but i'm really not that creative...i'll think of something...K THX BAI

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