Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Small but Beautiful Mother

It's my mom's birthday today. She's turning 42. Not really though, we just say that every year. Ha! I wish I was in Utah for just a few hours so I could give her a big hug and take her out to dinner or something. Unfortunately, I am a few thousand miles away, so I thought a posting on my blog would do.
I think since I've gotten older I see how imperfect my parents are, and at first it's heartbreaking because they've taught me everything I know, but then I realized even though they aren't perfect, they still did one hell of a job. And that's why I love my mom. She's funny/quirky and she has this ability to show unconditional love to everyone. I've learned so much from her triumphs and from her mistakes. She's made me the person I am today. I love you mommasita and I hope that you read this soon!

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alexis said...

That was too sweet!! Hope you are loving being back!! We miss your little face.. little miss pisssss!!