Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh hey! Ha. So, I just got back from a much too long vacation. My dad came over seas for the holidays, et puis we came back to Utah and I hung out with my family for a bit (5 weeks holy shiz). Do you want to know what I have done for the past five weeks? yeah you do don't be silly:

*learned 3 songs on the piano (I don't really play piano)
*watched a couple of series: True Blood, Dexter, My Life as Liz, etc.
attended more than six birthday parties
*ate at all of my favorite restaurants

All in all, it was good to go back. It's weird going back after being away for so long though. Anywho, now I am back in the Neuch and I am so READY to go to school. I just want this fluent in french thing in the bag! HECK YES! K, well I'm super tired: this has been the first time that I've woken up before noon this past week. Ha! I promise I'll start blogging more, since I'm back in Neuch. Although, it doesn't really matter because only parents read this blog. haha! Love it. K THX BAI.

p.s. I woke up and saw how awesome my hair is, so I had to take a picture to show you how awesome it is, and guess what, I'm not going to brush it or anything. HAHAHAHA!

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