Tuesday, May 21, 2013

***I hate flying***

 hi guys, so, like i’ve said many of times, I hate flying. It makes me anxious and irritated. But, fortunately, my flight to Beijing was actually not that bad. I took some Xanax, felt a little like Kristen Wiig on Bridesmaids, watched “Silver Linings Playbook” in a drugged out haze and when to bed. I only had one layover in Seattle and then went straight to Beijing, but once I got there it was a completely different story: my friend said that there was a shuttle that goes from the airport to the hotel. Well, THERE WASN’T. I spent a shit ton of time at twelve at night trying to find this imaginary shuttle. I had the characters and the pinyin of the hotel, but eventually I gave up the mission and sucked up my pride and took a taxi. oh, but it goes on. I got into a taxi, got all settled in, I told him the place, and he had no idea where it was. WTF?! I used the little mandarin that I knew to help; yet it made no difference. WAH! Anyways, I had to take another taxi, got to my hotel where my friends were staying at 2 in the morning. That’s my flight story. At least I got to Beijing in one piece right? HUZZAH!

{on the plane somewhere}


{a mural in beijing airport}



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cody+sara said...

Woot. Woot. Glad you made it safely.