Wednesday, May 29, 2013


hi guys, 

i'm still trying to adjust to living here in Tianjin. wanna hear my daily schedule? ok. 8-12 i have classes monday through friday. i learn characters and how to pronounce tones correctly. it gets overwhelming sometimes, but it's totally worth it. Then i have lunch at the cafeteria with friends. some days we have culture classes at two where we learn about random stuff like the peking opera and how to make chinese crafts (my mom would be so proud). (mom-- i'll show what i made when i get back!) and then i hang out with friends, do homework, eat more baozi, watch chinese cartoons, write in my journal (yes i have a travel journal. it's cool ok.) and then pass out. some days are good, some days are bad. im having bad luck with the weather. yesterday it was raining super hard and i was wearing a tank top and shorts. today i wore long pants and a shirt and it was so frakin' hot. WAH! overall, it's been a lot of fun. i'm not really homesick which is awesome (no offense you guys, i love you all, but i needed this hiatus), but we'll see. 

no i lied: i'm homesick for cheesefries. they don't believe in cheese here and it's killing me. 

{Chines noodles. yum!}

{me, mimi, darren, dina, stephanie}

{they won't let you walk or sit on the grass. i do because im a rebel}


{they have hipster beer! ;)}

{yes, i went to walmart in China. Judge away.}

{my chinese speaking partner, Apple}

{they have this section in Tianjin with all the museums surrounded by a little lake}

{they have the coolest architecture here}

{main building at Nankai University}

{map of the campus. it's huge.}

{my homework from last night. i had to explain my whole family. fml.}

i'll write more i promise. 
if you have any suggestions, let me know. 
love you all!


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