Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

I'm gonna tell you a little bit about my easter traditions with my family. This yea, we celebrated it at my Grandma's house. we searched for our eggs and we trade it in for either a dollar or a crochet-hanger. this year the dog max ATE my egg and so they had to make an new one for me...stupid dog... anyways, then we ate a shiiii ton of food then we play another easter game. this one is called: pick out a plastic egg with a dare on it and get money. it goes from youngest to oldest and it's hilarious. one year my aunt had to jump rope 25 times for 5 dollars. she unknowingly peed her pants. priceless. then we eat some more and then we go up to utah state campus where we roll our eggs down a hill. i don't know why we do this, but i've been doing it since i was like, in the womb, so i never question it. this year we did all of those things, but, this easter sunday, i did the cinnamon challenge like an idiot. for those who don't know what the challenge is: you swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon. i threw up in front of my whole family. some were mesmerized other where horrified others were peeing their pants laughing so hard one even threw up. it is not recommended unless you want to lose a few extra pounds for summer. that's a lie. just don't do it. 

here are some pics from the glorious day:

 {ham,cream cheese, and onion snack; my egg; max in my scarf; the evil cinnamon)

(COUSINS!! me and dano doin grease lightening and my twin cousin, lindsey)

(morgan taking pics of herself and us doing the bunny hop)

{rolling our eggs}

lovely east sunday sunday. i hope yours was great, but mine was, like soooooo, much better.


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