Tuesday, March 13, 2012

i almost deleted my grad acceptance email

 i was looking through my email inbox today and i was deleting random shiiii: iTunes receipts, vogue subscriptions, late library book fees, etc. and i accidentally deleted this thing called "grad school admission" it took me a second to realize that i deleted, like, i don't know, the most important message of my life (well, i'm probably going to get the actual letter in the mail but whatever), i retrieved it from the trash thingy and read it. IM GOING TO GRAD SCHOOL IN THE FALL!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG. excited. anyways, no one really reads this blog anyways, but i thought i would share it to the world. so, overall, i am a future graduate student. that is. if i graduate this spring. baha! well, goodnight cruel world. i've only gotten mayyyyyyybe 12 hours of sleep this past 36 hours so it's time for sleep sleep. 


p.s. it is finally spring and it makes my soooo happy that i can wear shorts

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Aaron Sarauer said...

I read this blog! Congrats Abby!