Monday, August 23, 2010

she don't believe in shooting staaaars

So, in Utah. We celebrate pioneer day which is when the mormon pioneers came through emigration canyon (where i grew up as a child) and settled down in the place that is now called salt lake city, utah. it's one of the funnest holidays. I mean, 4th of july is my favorite holiday, but what happens after the 4th of july? well, if you live in other states, nothing. BUT pioneer day is, like, TWO weeks after the 4th. basically it's the 4th of july's half brother: you eat a lot of food and there are fireworks going off every half hour through out the salt lake valley. it's amazing and kind of scary if you think about it, because it's prolly super easy to just kill someone with a shot gun and know one would think it was murder because of the explosions going on....just think about it ok? Anyways, the 24th was wonderful and i got to hang out with some amazing people. yayayayaya!

{me and pat being awesome}

{lighting sum sparklerssss}

{Harry Potter, this is not legal}

{in awe}

photos taken by Lena

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