Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Holla Holla White Wata!!!!!

So, a couple of weeks before school started, my good good friend, Lena, invited to go to Buena Vista, Colorado for the weekend. it was fabulous. i met some really fun and interesting people from Lena's college, Redlands. we went hiking, white water rafting and singing random songs by the camp fire. ah! good times. i hope we do it again next year!!! HOLLA!

{brett and lena making up a song about colorado...yeah}

{watermelon mountain}

{lena, please don't eat the mushroom}


{boys boys boys}

{on our way to the rivurrrr. i was a little hungry}

{evan in a kayak}

{ah. those colorado nights}
Photos taken by Lena

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