Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i am such an idiot

ok dudes, listen up. So not only can't i spell worth shiz (for example, Whales the country? nah. it's WALES abby, duh), but i do the dumbest things. one of my earliest experiences is the time that i told a boy i loved him in the 5th grade: worst experience ever because not only did he laugh at me, the entire population of my school found out. AND i had braces at the time which made it even worse. imagine me as a 5th grader with my jelly pens, braces, and a Presbyterian uniform telling the cutest guy in my grade that I luuuved him.....are you imagining it right now? good. are you cringing as you read this? you better because it was humiliating.
anyways, back to my story. so, my friend Melissa has been staying with me for about a week. she had a train leaving for Prague tonight, so i decided to go to the train station and see her off to the unknown. so, we got to the train station, the train came, i got on the train to help her with her bags and to say goodbye. suddenly, the train started moving and i was freaking out. i was so mad that i said some stuff that i probably shouldn't have said and then sat down by Melissa. we looked at each other and started laughing. luckily the next stop was just 20 minutes outside of the neuch, so i got off and waited fo the train home.
well, that's my story. it's probably not as exciting as i think it is. maybe you liked my 5th grader story better. i guess you'd have to be there.
going to bed. night all ya'll! cheers.

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cody+sara said...

HA! you would! So funny... both stories. love you!