Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adventures of China Doll: Christmas Edition

HELLOOOOO! this is kind of a late christmas entry put whatever. So, ever since i was young, my mom has been calling chinadoll or "china." she explains that i had beautiful porcelain skin when i was a bebe. my cousins to this day still make fun of me and my nicknames. so, my grandma got me a chinese doll for christmas. thanks grandma! i decided to have china do fun things around my aunt's house. enjoy!

{go broncos}

{she has a crush on harrison ford}

{kissing the dog}

{her favorite game is angry birds}

{her second is pool}

{she's so pensive}

{her noble steed}

{just a little martinelli's nightcap}

{"sugar drunk"}


nllambson said...



this made me laugh.

Mo said...

I'm with Linds. <3
This is the best.