Sunday, May 1, 2011

welcome to my head

so, i am almost done with my finals. I have to art history paper; one is due tomorrow at five (outline: CHECK) and then another one is due on wednesday at four i think :/ (have no outline. only know that my artist that i am writing on is french and very very sexy).
this past week has been super stressful for me, but i am luckily still alive (somewhat). i went and got a spray tan with my sister (don't judge me). i love her so much, even though she is soooooo indecisive when it comes to picking out plates for a baby shower. haha sar! AND it was my best friends birthday yesterday. i never get to see her because we are both super busy, so it was sooo much fun to hang out with her on her 22nd birthday.
honestly, i love my life and i am very grateful, but sometimes i feel like such a loser. i mean, i think everyone feels that way sometimes and it's ok to be a loser, but it can be hard. so whoever is reading this: it's totally ok to feel insecure and to feel that no one understands you, but YOU are the only thing that you have in this world, so love yourself for who you are. and don't let anybody change that. i'm slowly learning this for myself as well (fabulous hair? CHECK)

i hope your weekend was lovely

xoxo + frosting

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