Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aaron the Canadian

So i am an idiot. it was my very very good friend's birthday yesterday and i didn't know until he told me on facebook chat. i am a total shmuck, but we all know this. anyways, enough about me. this is about on of my closest friends (even though he lives around the world practically), aaron.
the first time i met this boy, i thought he was a total douche, but spending time with him erryday for about ten months, i've come to love this boy.

so here are five things that i love about aaron:

1. he makes a mean cheeseburger
2. he got me obsessed with watches
3. he takes AMAZING pictures
4. he got me a "Hot Mess" cup for my birthday
5. he is an amazing friend

i love you so so much aaron! i am very lucky to have you in my life. BISOUS!

photos by Aaron Sarauer,
Regis Matthey,
and me :D

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Rgs_ said...

I like your blog Abby, and this article is awesome (especially the pictures :p )!!