Wednesday, November 17, 2010


{banabigail's muse}

i've been meaning to put these pics up for awhile now. so basically the story is that the last night i was in neuchy neuch, me and my friends pulled an all-nighter and went out and had crazy fun times. i borrowed this greenish-yellow dress from my friend isabelle and my friend ben commented that i looked like a banana (ummm...RUDE). the next day, we went and watched some of the world cup and i was kind of depressed because, not only did england lose against germany, i was going back home to salt lake city. anyways, to be funny, my friend, alex, bought a banana and put lipstick and drew a dress on the banana and named it "banana-abby" i changed is to "banabigail" because it sounds better. haha. so they went around neuch and took pictures of banabigail in her daily life. here is some photos:

{banabigail supports England}

{alex is gonna miss banabigail}

{waiting at the bus stop}

{she didn't want any icecream--too depressed}


{just chillin' in nature}

{having a beer at the world cup game}

{regis eating banabigail}

{olivia wanted a bite}

{banabigail splat}

{just keep swimmin'}

Photos by the lovely



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