Monday, July 26, 2010


{Bek bek and me}

So, in Salt Lake City, every summer we have the Twilight Concert Series where well-known bands come and and play for free. In the past years, the concert has been held at Gallivan Plaza, but this year, because of how popular it has become, the Twilight series is now held at Pioneer Park ( this place is basically known for being one of the sketchiest parks in SLC because of all the homeless people who camp out there).
I was so excited because the second week that i was back in amurrica, Modest Mouse was kicking the series off. I was sooo stoked because the last concert that i went to in the states was Modest Mouse. Unfortunately, it was one of the biggest concerts that Twilight has ever seen: 40,000 people came, not just from utah, but from colorado, arizona, etc. it was absolutely ridiculous!!! i was so angry and i promised myself that i wasn't going to go anymore.
well, i broke that promise. my friend Bekah and i went to see Twin Sister and, one of my favorite bands, Beirut. I started listening to Beirut my senior year of high school. I remember dancing around my room to songs like Nantes and Postcards from Italy. --sigh--
let me just say that it was one of the best concerts that i've been to. i say that a lot, but it's true. mind you, there were a lot of rude people that don't understand the greatness of Beirut. i kind of wanted to kick peoples' shins just to get them to shut up, but i am a lady, so i didn't. overall, i will always have fond memories of beirut and can now check them off of my bucket list. CHECK!

{Zach Condon}

{Beirut playing at the Twilight Concert Series}

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